Sayu’s Crazy new PB!

So most of you know already that Sayu is releasing a new PB on October 27th…but I bet y’all didn’t expect the craziness!

Check out these previews!

In the first picture we have Sayumi in the same outfit she is wearing on the cover (maybe this is another version of the cover?), but now we can see that she is also wearing fuzzy gloves and we can fully see her fuzzy boots.  Her her now looks like it’s in one shade, because on the cover it looked like she had two toned hair…this is much better.

The second picture makes me think of John Waters’s film “Pink Flamingoes.”  Although I have to say, Sayumi is much cuter than Divine.  Love the details in her bikini top too, the red stripes and the blue bow go together nicely.

The third picture SCREAMS Kyarypamyupamyu and 6% dokidoki.  I’m guessing from these pictures that whoever developed the concept for this PB wanted a Kawaii Harajuku theme, which Sayumi suits quite well.  Love her wig here too.

This next picture takes Sayu’s bunny theme to a whole new level.  With the studs, spikes and whip, I’d say this is one tough bunny who’s not afraid to kick some tail!

This last picture is slightly toned down from the other four.  the focus is on Sayu’s floral headpiece, which is paired with a white wig and frosted lips.  I like this look on her as well!  The pose is also interesting since we see her back, then her neck is turned to look back at something.

It’s a good thing my birthday is coming up, so hopefully I’ll get some money soon to go out and purchase this!

I’m sure all Sayu fans will go out and grab a copy, it surely looks like an interesting buy!


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