30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 1

So I’ve seen a lot of people doing this and it looks like lotsa fun!

But I’mma do it a liiittle differently.

For each day, I’ll be picking one idol from H!P, one from AKB48 (or the 48 sphere in general, now that there’s so many of them), and one from Kpop!

I think that’ll make these posts more interesting.  ^–^

Anywho, LET’S GO!

Day 1: Your Favorite Idol

Okay, so from H!P, it’s SUUUUPER hard to pick my favorite idol, because I love all of them!  But there is one that is just a bit above the rest.

The beautiful, amazing, talented and sweet Takahashi Ai!  I know a lot of people pick her as their favorite idol, but it’s hard not to!  She’s got a strong, sexy voice, fluid dance moves and she can act the pants off of any script you hand to her!  And she has this sweet country girl personality and is always polite.  She reminds me of myself actually.  We both have country accents that we’ve learned to control, we both LOVE Musical theatre, and performing is what we do!

I even wrote my college entrance essay on Aichan!  AND I GOT IN!  That’s how much she’s influenced me!

I know she graduated recently, but she still inspires me every single day!

From AKB, the ultra fabulous MARIKO-SAMAAA!

This girl hooked me from day one!  No matter how much I tried not to like a girl from the senbatsu, she totally charmed me!  She’s got talent that she can use outside of AKB like modeling and acting, and she’s a great singer and dancer too!  She’s also tall and lean, which makes her super pretty!

…well, she’s tall for a Japanese person, we’re actually the same height. XD

But anyway, she’s also super hilarious!  I love her Mr. Mariko act on AKBingo!


For Kpop, it has to be Park Bom!

She is like…my ultimate GODDESS when it comes to Kpop.

She has a powerful voice that has a really interesting color to it, and it’s warm but also very clear.  Also, she looks like a porcelain doll!  She’s super super pretty!

But my favorite part of her probably has to be that….


On every episode of 2NE1 TV, she’s always eating something, and commenting on how delicious it is.  I just wanna go out to eat with Bommie!  I’m just like her when it comes to food.  Nom nom nom all day long! XD

If only I could stay as skinny as she does, haha.  Which reminds me, I love the playful banter between her and Trainer H.

Anyway, that’s day 1 of the idol challenge, I hope it was entertaining!

If there’s an idol/subject/song/video/etc that y’all want me to do a post/pic spam/review on, let me know and I’ll do it!

I’m up for just about anything!


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