30 Day Idol Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: The Idol you hate or dislike

Hate is a strong word.  I don’t hate any idols, I just wonder why certain ones are popular. XD

So here goes!

I never understood why Frances and Aiko were chosen to be a part of H!P…I mean, they’re cute, but THEY’RE TOO YOUNG.  I mean, one could’ve made the same argument when MaiMai debuted with C-ute, but at least she could sing!!!  These two are cute, but their voices make my ears bleed.  I wanted to like them…I really did…but it’s never going to happen.

Me susto.

 WHY IS THIS GIRL IN AKB SINGLES?!  SHE’S NOT EVEN IN THE FREAKING GROUP!  This girl makes me rage.  In SKE, sure, she’s fine, she can sing and dance, BUT TROLLING AROUND IN A GROUP THAT YOU’RE NOT EVEN A PART OF MAKES NO SENSE.  There was a whole PV centered around her even!!  Sure, I should be blaming this on the management instead of on her, but it still rubs me the wrong way.  Besides, she scares me!  Her face is like something I see in my nightmares!  She reminds me of those creepy doll things that try to kill the main character in an anime…

Maybe I’ll like her when she gets older, but right now I really don’t see what the big deal is.

Look Noonas! Jailbait!

 So these boys are continuing the trend of catering to the Noona fans in K-Pop.  And that’ s all this group has done so far.  I haven’t seen any distinct personality traits, or any particularly exceptional singing and dancing.  They’re just being cute for their noona fans.  It’s boring.  I know that I am their noona but…they just don’t appeal to me.  Even their new “manly” concept failed to attract my attention.

Sorry boys.

That’s it for Day 2!

Oh!  I got my 12, スマト album in the mail yesterday, so a review should be up Friday or Saturday!

Thanks for reading!


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