Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 Continues to be Adorable!

Okay, I know I’ve already posted twice today, but I just had to talk about THESE:

Promo Pic

 Super cute!  I love the red/white color scheme with just a hint of black!  Their dresses are nice and simple as well.  The whole thing seems very mod, what with the geometric shapes and simple, blocked colors.  This also reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake (the food not the cartoon) which also makes me hungry…


 My favorite out of all the covers!  I love the cute polka-dotted platforms they’re standing on!  There isn’t any fancy junk by the title so that the focus is on the girls!  Good move!  I like that we can see the entirety of their go-go boots, since it completes the outfit.  I really hope that there’s some ’60s style choreography in this, because it seriously looks like a music program from that time period.  All they need are some tambourines!

Limited A

 Basically the same thing as the promo pic, except with fancy junk by the title and the girls having slightly different poses.  I prefer the promo pic actually, all the fancy crap at the top isn’t needed.  Besides, it makes the pics of the girls smaller.  😦

Limited B

 Looks like a group picture for school, there’s some awkward smiles going on here. XD  But Wasamin looks flawless! <333

Limited C

I like the concept of this cover a lot, and I would say that I love it…but it has that one awkward empty circle on the right in the middle row…They could’ve at least moved the empty one to top center and put the title of the single in it or something…right now it looks like the Brady Bunch is missing a member.

Overall, I think these covers are great, and the girls look super cute!  I’m loving the concept, and I can’t wait to hear this single and see the PV!


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