Photo of the day!

Happy Friday everybody! 😀

I hope you have lots of fun stuff planned for Halloween weekend!

And our photo of the day for today is…

Another Sayumi photo! XD

It’s been all about Sayumi these past few days since her PB was released yesterday!

I always love her selcas.  It’s funny that she has green polka dots on her bikini top, hehe.

Have another making photo, since I’m in a good mood! 😛

HER BUNNY TAIL IS GREEN! It’s so cute!  Pink and green together is so much fun!

You know, I’m just gonna put the rest of the Sayuminglandoll pictures I haven’t posted here, since it’s Friday! x3

I hope y’all enjoyed the SayuSpam!

Have a fun, safe weekend!


One Response to “Photo of the day!”

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