OHMAGAD YOU GUYS!  There are a CRAP TON of birthdays on October 29/30 in H!P

So I’m putting them all in one post!

I’m starting off with current H!P members, so here we go!

Happy Birthday to…

Fukumura Mizuki! ❤

Mizuki is turning 15!

Ah, she’s entering the realm of mid-teenagerhood. XDDD  I know she’ll grow to be even more beautiful as the years go by!

I hope she has a great day!

Mizuki Spam!

Also Happy Birthday to…

Tamura Meimi!

Meimi is turning 13!

She’s super cute and full of spunk, and I know she’ll do great in S/mileage!

Meimi Spam!

Now onto H!P OG members!

Happy Birthday to…

Ogawa Makoto!

Makoto is turning 24!

Makoto is so wonderfully smiley and happy all the time!  I have a soft spot for her. xP

Have a great birthday Makoto!

Makoto Spam!

Happy birthday to…

Ayaka Kimura!

Ayaka is turning 30!

Whoooo the big 3-0!

I’m sure she’ll be having a big celebration!

Ayaka was my favorite Coconuts Musume member. ^–^

Have a great 30th birthday Ayaka!

Ayaka Spam!

Happy birthday to…

Saitou Hitomi!

Okay, her birthday is actually on Halloween, but I didn’t want to leave her out of the birthday post!

Hitomi is also turning 30!

I hope you have a big party, girl!

I always loved her strong voice and her great curves! I admire her a lot actually. x3

Hitomi Spam!

And last, but certainly not least…the one who started it all…


Tsunku is turning 43.


Well bro, we may never ever know what’s going on in your head, but we all certainly enjoy the roller coaster that is Hello!Project!

Tsunku Spam! XD

Here’s an extra that I particularly enjoy…

Happy Birthday to all of you!


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