Rania’s Pop Pop Pop video


Here’s what I like about the video:

The song is super catchy

The rap is well done


What I didn’t care for:

The yellow pants/black jackets.  Those outfits were downright fugly.

The rooms they danced in.  They looked like wacked out beehives.

What I didn’t understand:

DEM LIGHT UP CANES.  Seriously, why?



It’s like Jpop, Kpop, Bob Fosse and cheap showgirls had a baby.  It’s all over the place!!!!  And ending on your knees with a cane sticking out from behind you is NOT A PRETTY PICTURE.

All of the girls of Rania are SO TALENTED!  They deserve better videos.

I still love the song, so it will end up on my iPod somehow, but I don’t think I’ll be watching the video again anytime soon.

Please, Brave, give them better videos!!!  Dr. Feel Good was their only decent video, and it was their first one.  I want to keep supporting the girls, but with crap videos, it’s hard to do.

Anyway, that’s my review of the night….and this is also part of me putting off my album reviews for The Boys and Wonder World…

oops. xD


4 Responses to “Rania’s Pop Pop Pop video”

  1. Raelyan Says:

    I’m digging the mini light sabers but I’m with you 100% on the dancing, can’t watch it as it’s a bit too in your face. I know kpop usually cranks it up hotter than Koda Kumi on a dry spell but this is a bit much >.<

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