Tick Tack Tick Tack…

This is a DAMN CATCHY song.

I predict lots of car jamz to this one…

I love the steady beat the song has, it goes well with the clock theme.

I’m happy that the majority of the rap in this song isn’t in English, since that happens a lot with Kpop rappers in Japan.

Some of the rap wasn’t all that great though (boku no PU RA I DO…no bro…just no).

Kevin’s English lines in this song were grammatically correct! 8D Yay!  I think I heard some incorrect stuff in the rap but it doesn’t bother me too much.  While speaking on the subject of language, U-Kiss’s Japanese is quite good!  I can understand everything clearly and it doesn’t sound too out of place.

And I didn’t hear any “Mordney Present” in this one either.  Good move.

The singing here sounds so smooth and strong!

U-Kiss is shaping up to be one of my favorite boy groups!



Opening Shot.  I like how the ‘s’s’ in “U-Kiss” are ticking along with the clock.  Very Clever.

 The boys in a dark, foggy room with a giant clock in the back.  I love their poses.  It’s similar to the room in Neverland though.  Just replace the fog with ice.

Room change!  GAH sorry for the bar at the bottom.  This was my first time taking screencaps. XD

While in this room, the boys all have pocket watches that they stare intensely at…the room is also dirty.


Awesome dance moves!!!  This dance is super cool, and totally fits with the “tick tack” theme with all of their sharp, quick movements and isolations.  U-Kiss has some of the best dances in Kpop in my opinion.

Kevin is so beautiful…

This guy has the most powerful voice in the group, but he makes a lot of derpy faces when he sings…

Another great dance move, good leg and shoulder isolations.  I love the lighting here.


This is an unfortunate haircut.  Poor guy.

Hello Beautiful.

If SHINee’s Jonghyun and MBLAQ’s G.O. had a baby, it would be this guy.

SO PRETTY.  T__________T

Outfit change!  I like these better than the gray outfits.  They remind me of the outfits from “Man Man Ha Ni.”

Another pocket watch appearance.


Bro finally got angry about his haircut…

I found this shot to be quite artsy.

Back into the dirty emo room, but this time IT’S RAINING GLITTER AAAAAHHH!

HNNGH.  I need more of this guy in my life.

Back to the ticking ‘s’s’

Overall, I thought the PV was really cool and there was nothing out of place about it.  The production value was great, the dance was strong, and the song is really enjoyable.  Another great song and video from U-Kiss!  I think it’s a good song to start off their Japanese promotions.  I hope it sells well!

I highly recommend this single to any U-Kiss fan, or just a fan of boy groups in general.  I’ll be grabbing this single off of iTunes when it comes out! (Since I’m a broke college student now, it’s hard for me to afford physical copies of J and Kpop).

I hope you like this song as much as I do!



4 Responses to “Tick Tack Tick Tack…”

  1. Recommended Reading – December 10th, 2011 | International Wota Says:

    […] Tick Tack Tick Tack… – Genki Almost Idol Martha shares her love for U-KISS with this well screencapped review. […]

  2. Raelyan Says:

    The pretty one totally didn’t get enough screen time. There was too much of Mister “Look how wide I can open my mouth” >w<

    • Martha Says:

      LOL Amen sister! XD But Mister “Look how wide I can open my mouth” has the most powerful voice…so that usually means more screentime. Ah well.

      • Raelyan Says:

        The one time people actually credit the artist that can sing…. why can’t they transplant his voice into Mr. Bringin’ Sexy Back’s face? X3

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