Dream Morning Musume GTFO!!!

This is fucking ridiculous.

I already saw DMM as a big slap in the face to the real Morning Musume, but now that they’re releasing their own single….

it’s like Tsunku is telling real Morning Musume that they aren’t good enough.

And I’m already seeing a lot of wank on Arama about how “DMM is SOOOO much better than MM DESUUUU.”

I’m sorry, I usually don’t get angry about idol things, but this


It also shows the dependency of the OG members on the Up Front Agency.  They’re STILL attatched to Tsunku.  They’re STILL not ready to give up on being idols when quite frankly it’s past their time.

I wish they would go and make something of themselves on their own!

Take on a business venture, take some classes, BE INDEPENDENT GODDAMMIT.

Aichan sets a good example by DOING HER OWN THING (well, except for her Cameo in this PV…but she’s a recent graduate, so she has an excuse).  She’s doing musicals, has her own ameba show…

I’m just angry and disappointed with this whole thing.

I won’t be buying this single.

No matter how much the rest of the wotasphere loves them…I just can’t support it.

It’s not that I don’t love the OG members, I really do, they’re amazingly talented.

But it’s time for them to take their talent elsewhere.


4 Responses to “Dream Morning Musume GTFO!!!”

  1. Raelyan Says:

    It’s kinda like; “Let’s bring back the MM members that have been missed for a few years and that are well established and put them up against the 5-gen onwards”.

    How the hell is this good for H!P? He’s really selling out and neglecting the motherband of H!P. The man’s just a nut!!

    • Martha Says:

      THANK YOU. Finally, someone agrees with me!

      Although I read somewhere that this was going to be the first and last single of the group, and that this is a temporary thing.

      I hope it’s true.

      Maybe it’s a way to get more money for H!P?

      • Raelyan Says:

        It’s a good way of getting nostalgia money. But at what point will Tsnuku realise that sales were at their highest when this group was active. It’s a slippery slope >.<

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