Mobekimasu Game! I wanna plaaaaaaaaaay!

So everybody was doing this cool Mobekimasu sorter…and I wanted to try since it looked like fun! XD

Here’s my results!

Here is the list romanized:

1. Tanaka Reina

2. Michishige Sayumi

3. Niigaki Risa

4. Suzuki Airi

5. Natsuyaki Miyabi

6. Suzuki Kanon

7. Ikuta Erina

8. Sugaya Risako

9.  Sudou Maasa

10. Nakajima Saki

11. Mano Erina

12. Yajima Maimi

13. Kumai Yurina

14. Fukumura Mizuki

15.  Shimizu Saki

16. Mittsui Aika

17. Ayumi Ishida

18. Tamura Meimi

19. Nakanishi Kana

20. Maeda Yuuka

21. Okai Chisato

22. Sayashi Riho

23. Fukuda Kanon

24. Takeuchi Akari

25. Kudo Haruka

26.  Tokunaga Chinami

27.  Tsugunaga Momoko

28. Katsuta Rina

29. Sato Masaki

30. Iikubo Haruna

31. Wada Ayaka

32. Hagiwara Mai

There are some things about this list that surprise me…and there are some that don’t.

Things that don’t surprise me:

Reina being first:  Reina was my 2nd fave in H!P when I was still around, so it’s logical that she would take the top spot when Ai left.  She has a fabulous voice, always has crazy energy live, and she’s SUPER PRETTY.

Sayumi and Risa being second and third:  I love Sayumi.  She’s great.  Cutest woman (notice that I say woman, not girl) on the face of the planet.  And Gaki-san is someone I’ve always admired.  She knows how to get shit done!  And she’s powerful!  And reliable.  She’s just a likeable person.

MaiMai being dead last:  I’ve never liked her. XDD  There I said it!  She never appealed to me.  I don’t hate her like I used to, but she just isn’t my favorite girl.

Things that do surprise me:

How high Airi is in this ranking:  I’ve always thought that Airi had the best voice in C-ute, but I always have stanned Nakky.  This past year, Airi has really impressed me, especially in the live stream of C-ute’s concert on YT.  It totally confirmed her amazing singing abilities live!  I guess she snuck right past Nakky. XDD  Go go Airi whoooo!

Where the Hell did Ishida Ayumi come from?–I think it’s a bit of a fluke that she’s so high in my ranking already. XDDDD  She’s my favorite out of the 10th gen, and I think she’s so high just because I’m excited to see what she can do.  Haha.  Don’t let me down girl!  No pressure. xD

One big change in my ranking this year:

I used to LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Momoko.  Like…REEEEEALLY love her!  She was my fave in Buono and Berryz when I first started to like H!P…but DAMN this year she has been getting on my last nerve!!!  That whole “eternal idol” crap is stupid.  I love it when she acts all batshit crazy, not when she steals Sayu’s “I’m the cutest act.”

Come on girl…pull it together for 2012.

That being said, this was fun to play! XD

It’ll be interesting to see how my ranking changes next year!

And just a reminder…I love all of the H!P girls.  Even if I do talk shit about them…it’s out of love.

Methinks I’ll do some more end of the year rankings…

See you in the next post!


4 Responses to “Mobekimasu Game! I wanna plaaaaaaaaaay!”

  1. Raelyan Says:

    Yay for Reinya~!
    I tried doing this thing, jebus it was taking too long! I’d have to take several breaks to get it done TT-TT

  2. Raelyan Says:

    It’s hard to dedicate time to this stuff with a little one running around and a house to manage lmao ^^; May get round to it this weekend- yay

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