Doki Doki Baby!

Time to review Mano Erina’s newest PV, Doki Doki Baby!

I was excited when I first heard the song title, since I knew it meant something upbeat! 😀

The song itself is super cute, fun, energetic and happy!  I love the speaking bit included in there because it adds a bit of sincerity to the song.  The “doki doki’s” included in the song are super cute too.  Erina sounds quite good here, I always like her voice better with upbeat songs than ballads.  This song reminds me a lot of a song that an Akiba idol would put out, and I think this genre fits her well.  I hope she releases more songs like this in the future.  Her last “doki!” was super adorable!

This is a song that can put me into a good mood!


It’s interesting to see that this PV is widescreen instead of fullscreen…artsy.  This is the opening shot, and when it comes up, we can hear the rain.

 FUCK YEAH AKIHABARA!  This shot SCREAMS Akiba Idol (Himeko Sakuragawa anyone?).  Also, I looove her outfit!  It’s tooo cute!

 Instead of eggs for backup dancers, we get Geishas!  Yay Geishas!

 Look at how much she stands out in her outfit!  I also like that they chose to film on a rather gloomy day, it makes her stand out even more than she already does!

Whenever she sings “baby” in the chorus, this text pops up.  If I’m reading my katakana right, it says:  “noku beibi.”  I’m not quite sure what “noku” means…I’ll have to look it up.

 Nyan nyan pose! :3

 Aww, she’s so happy to be in Akiba.

Up onto the escalator for adventures!

Hmmm…what have we here?

“I won a teddy bear!! YAYAYAY!”

More Erina/Geisha dancing.


Erina Samurai!

Black and White for even more artsy fartsy-ness…

Oh look!  The Geishas again!

“…Have they been following me…?”

“anata to…”  One of her speaking bits in the song.  It’s super sweet.

Snack Time!

Maybe she got a text from her “doki doki baby…”


Mixing the old with the new! Geishas with technology!  This time with a cell phone,

an iPad (which she looks very happy with),

an iPod (werq it gurl),

and a camera!  Hai, CHEE-ZU!

ERINA SMOKING?!  Don’t pull an Aibon gurl, DON’T DO IT!

Oh, it’s just bubbles.

Erina has one of the prettiest smiles ever! ❤

Geisha lady looks back and gives her a smile.

And she returns the favor.  Awwww.


Last shot.  Haha. x3

This PV TOTALLY fits the theme of the song, with Erina going into different shops in Akihabara and then having the simple dance shots and energetic moves to go along with some of the chants she does.  The sparkly outfit is like the cherry on top of the sundae.

I LOVE this PV and I’m definitely picking up a copy of this single!

Way to go Erina, and nice job H!P.


3 Responses to “Doki Doki Baby!”

  1. Recommended Reading – December 16th, 2011 | International Wota Says:

    […] Doki Doki Baby! – Genki Almost Idol Martha writes a positive review of this geisha-riffic PV. […]

  2. J Greely Says:

    It looks like the “ノ” is part of the emoticon, making it “(。●∀●。)ノ”, which if I’m reading correctly, is “infatuated and waving”. No idea what the hiragana く is doing there.


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