Berryz 8th Album Outfits

Okay…so these are the Album outfits for Berryz.

These things are fucking ugly.  They have no shape whatsoever.  And they paired them with SOCKS AND LOAFER HEELS.


That makes the outfit even uglier.

The first thing I thought of were artists’ smocks, but Ran over at Chuu! Sugoi! Idol mentioned choir outfits, and I can totally see that too.

I do enjoy Miya’s ginormus bow though.  And all of the girls have their wonderful smiles on (except Risako who’s working her trademark pout).

I’m just glad they didn’t put these outfits on any other H!P group, since it would look worse on any of the others. XDDD

I think Berryz is the only group who can kind of make it work because….well, because it’s Berryz!  They’re goofy!

If they have a special song to go with these outfits, maybe I’ll let up on them a little bit.

But until then, these things need to go in the trash.

I hope the songs on the album sound better than these outfits look!


I have NEVER liked that hairstyle on her.  The short cut always worked really well, or even with some volume to it, it looked good.

Just please Dear God stop it with the pigtails!!!


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