Pinku Project!

Hey everyone!

So I posted a Pinku Project member for my photo of the day yesterday, so I want to do a nice post talking about the project!

First off, here is their YouTube channel!

Pinku Project started out in 2007 in Toronto, Canada.  The first two members of Pinku Project were Peach Pinku (Leader) and Baby Pinku.  Pinku Project members would upload dance covers of popular Jpop songs onto their YouTube channel, and that’s how they gained their main fanbase.  The second generation of Pinku Project consisted of Candy Pinku and Cherry Pinku.  All four members performed their first mini concert at Anime North 2011 with some success.  After the concert, it was announced that the 2nd Generation members would be graduating in order to focus on their studies.  Peach and Baby then released dance covers under the unit name “Sugary Fairy.”  After performing as a unit for a while, 3rd Generation members Berry Pinku (Sub-Leader) and Cotton Pinku joined Pinku Project.  All four members continued to release dance and song covers on YouTube, and this past January, they all performed at G-Anime in Gatineu.  This concert was an hour long and was called “Doki Doki Ottawa First Date Concert @ G-anime 2012!”  Highlights from the concert can be found on their youtube channel.

Okay, so I watched the DokiDoki Ottawa First Date Concert 3 times.  COUNT ‘EM-THREE.

These girls make me so happy!  I love being able to watch them grow with every video release and vlog.  ❤  They are great at dancing, and their formations are always so clean!  They may not be the best singers, (most idols aren’t anyway), but I can tell that these girls always put 100% into what they do and it’s so endearing!

I think another reason as to why I connected with them so quickly may be because their vlogs and announcements are all in English.  I’m usually one to say that language is not a barrier for idols (if it were, I wouldn’t be such a big fan), but I think speaking their language and being able to watch videos without subtitles gives me an even larger love for the girls as idols.

Which means A:  Pinku Project are my queens! ❤

And B:  I really need to keep on studying Japanese so I can eventually feel that same love for all of my other idol queens! (And Kings.  I haven’t forgotten you boys).

So here’s what I love about each girl in Pinku Project!

This is Baby Pinku!

She is the Lovely Character of Pinku Project. She’s my favorite! x3  For some reason my eye is always drawn to her. Her lovely character is too irresistible!

She always shines onstage, and has a super cute singing voice!  She has great fashion sense too.  I love seeing her in street wear or lolita!  She also does nail and make up tips on her blog.  She hasn’t updated in a while though. T__T

Also, you should see her wig collection!!!  It’s enough to make any girl jealous!

…..aaaaaaand she’s also really pretty! <333

This is Cotton Pinku.  She’s the Little Kitty Character of Pinku Project.

She’s so FREAKING ADORABLE.  <333  Like Sayumin, she’s not vocally gifted, but she dances so cutely and has lots of energy!  Watch her solo cover of “First Kiss” and you’ll see what I mean!

This is Berry Pinku!  She’s the Calming and Healing Character of Pinku Project.

She reminds me of a young Gaki-san.  ^–^  You can always tell she is working hard when she’s performing, but also that she’s having fun!  This girl is non stop smiles and I love it!

This is Peach Pinku.  She’s the Happy Character of Pinku Project.  Love and Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeach!  XD  I love her catchphrase.  She’s the leader of Pinku Project and she does it so well!  Whenever making important announcements, she’s always cool and put together.  Also, she’s an open idol fan and it makes me so happy!  I love idols who are idol fans. XDDD  SHE CAN WOTAGEI!  Also, she has this “it” factor onstage.  Whenever she steps up to dance, all eyes are on her!  She OWNS the stage!

To top off all of the idol awesomeness, Peach and Baby are designers of their own Fashion Line, Pinkly Ever After!

I’ve seen YouTube stars like Yukapon and Keekihime wearing it!

It’s a line full of bright and pastel colors, poofy skirts and sparkly stuff!

If you love lolita or kawaii fashion, it’ll be right up your alley!

OH!  One more thing!

THEY’RE RELEASING AN ORIGINAL SINGLE! It’ll be released in Canada, Japan, and Korea in May!  They’re trying to get it released on iTunes for fans in other countries as well.  ^–^  I can’t wait to hear it!

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Pinku Project, and I hope you’ll support the girls by subscribing to their youtube channel and facebook and all that good stuff.


3 Responses to “Pinku Project!”

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    […] Pinku Project! – Genki Almost Idol Martha introduces the Canadian Idol unit, who will soon debut, and tells us why she loves them. […]

  2. Raelyan Says:

    I like the look of these girls.. but the way Cotton and Baby talk.. I don’t know if I think it’s cute or really annoying.
    Peach is the least favourite, she’s a bit loud for me and my fragile wee head.

    Great review though, think I’m going to snoop on their youtube now

    • Martha Says:

      Aww. XD Yeah, sometimes the sugary sweetness is hard for some idol fans to take. But that’s my favorite type of idol, so these girls work perfectly for my taste! XD

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