U-Kiss Forbidden Love

Okay, so I was all excited for U-Kiss’s new Japanese Single Forbidden Love, only to find out that it’s Tick Tack Part 2.

It’s still a good song, but THEY USE THE SAME SYNTH AND EVERYTHING.

Each member sings the same part they did in Tick Tack, AND THEY ALL DID THE SAME EFFING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND HAND MOVES.

Seriously, Avex Trax.  WTF?

I am disappoint.

They all look really good though.

And there was more Hoon and Dongho in this PV.  Good for them!  They needed a bit more spotlight.

But I’m still disappointed.  😦

Hopefully their next Japanese single (if there is one) will not be Tick Tack part 3.


One Response to “U-Kiss Forbidden Love”

  1. Raelyan Says:

    Ahhh what a let down! The first video was so good!!! TT-TT

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