Afilia Saga East Mirai no Watashi wo Matteiru Preview

I like this group a lot.  ^–^  The girls all have their own distinct look, even with the matching outfits!

The song sounds promising so far, and you know it’s an ASE song even if you don’t see the video.

My question though:  Why are they dancing in a church?

That seems a bit strange.

Japan isn’t a very religious nation, so I’m curious as to what this may mean.

I’ll have to sit and wait patiently for some translations of this song.

Maybe the full PV will clear things up.


3 Responses to “Afilia Saga East Mirai no Watashi wo Matteiru Preview”

  1. Raelyan Says:

    Ahhhh! Idols crossed with Akiba and maids- one of my favourite indie groups. I looove this outift ❤

    I think the Church may be because the girl all have magic or something? I don't know if I actually read that online or if my mind is making up things @_@

  2. シューラストライカー (@shurastriker) Says:

    yeah the girls at afilia chain technically aren’t maids but magic students and the church i’m sure location wasn’t used because anything religious but because it have the magical aura they want… i think catholicism and magic are very related in japanese mind

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