Photo of the Day

Aichan is always relevant.

Aichan flaunting her flawless figure in a cute swimsuit is even more relevant!

…I’m afraid being a wota is beginning to make me shallow.


But she still looks AWESOME.

And another update on the picspam contenders! Takamina has taken the lead with 4 votes, with Aichan in second place with 3 votes.  Sayumi, Gaki, Eripon, Chisato, Captain, Yuko, and Yukirin are in third place with 2 votes each.  Bringing up the rear in fourth place are Reina, Maimi, Nakky, Miya, Momo, Acchan, Mayuyu, and Sasshi.

Those with no votes at all are Risako, Maasa, Yuuka, Take-chan, Kanyon, Mariko (T___T), Wasamin, and Tomochin.

It’s okay ladies.  You’re all beautiful.  ^–^

Y’all have ’till tomorrow night at midnight to vote! 8D


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