Photo of the Day!

I know I posted the Airi and Chisato versions of this swimsuit, but I don’t remember if I’ve posted Nakky’s.

Either way, she looks fabulous!


6 Responses to “Photo of the Day!”

  1. Recommended Reading: May 16th, 2012 | Idolminded Says:

    […] Photo of the Day! – Genki Almost Idol Really nice pose from Saki. […]

  2. MorningBerryz Says:

    Nakki~♥ always so cute!! Pretty mizugi =).

  3. Paulina Says:

    This is a really awesome blog :DD This is just the blog I’ve always wanted to see– one specifically for lady wotas!! Next year, I’m going to Japan to audition for AKB, wish me luck ❤
    (PS the pics you post are top notch x333)

    • genkialmostidol Says:

      Thank you so much! ❤ I'm so happy to hear you say that! I'll keep doing my best to keep posting good stuff. XD

      Good luck with your audition! I hope to be blogging about you one day! 8D

      • Paulina Says:

        <333 Thank you so much ;w; Let's both do our best ^0^/
        Perhaps a suggestion to add to your site!!! ^u^ Maybe add in tips, tricks and tutorials on ways to be more like our favorite idols? That'd be really cute~ ^w^

      • genkialmostidol Says:

        OOOOO I could definitely do that! I’ll start thinking up a post about that!

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