Hello Venus Debut MV, Mini Album, and Stage


Well Hello to you, ladies!

INSTABIAS!  This, ladies and gentlemen, is Lime.  I’ll talk more about how awesome she is later. She is the Main Rapper, Main Vocalist, and Main Dancer in the group.

I find it funny that two of the members are wearing sneakers.  It’s probably because they’re tall. XD

UGH so cute.  This is Yoo Ara.  She is the leader of Hello Venus.  I thought she was the Maknae. Leaders aren’t usually this FREAKIN’ CUTE.

Okay, so the whole premise of this video is that the girls of Hello Venus are like cupids, helping guys to get dates.  These poor guys have no idea what they’re doing.  XD

This is Alice! She is a lead vocalist of the group.  She is also the oldest in the group.  She has a very pleasant voice, but WHY COULDN’T THEY BLEACH HER ROOTS? It bothers me.

The awkward moment when one of your members is injured and part of your dance looks wonky.

The shoulder rolling and knee popping are my favorite parts of the dance. ^–^

Boddeh rubbin’


I also like this dance move. ^–^

*DOUBLE DEAD*  This is Yoonjoo, she is a lead vocalist in the group.  Poor baby injured her foot before their debut so she could only be in the non-dancing parts of the MV and sings backstage at their stage performances.  She’s my 2nd fave. ❤  Love her nails too!

Aww.  Another guy without a date.

This part of the dance is so wonky and fun. XD

This is Nara.  She’s REALLY FUCKIN’ PRETTY. She is the face of the group, and a vocalist.  She reminds me of Kim Tae Hee.

UGH U SO CUTE.  Love her nails here too. XD

Y U SO PRECIOUS?  And omg all the great manicures in this MV…

Poor guy.  He doesn’t know how to talk to girls.

RAH RAH SIS BOOM BAH!  GO GET A DATE! *I have no idea what the signs say*


New dance scene and new outfits!

My aegyo will help you get a date!

Leader Yoo Ara has a better plan.  Throw a Venus Party to get people together!

Nara gives an invitation to a creepy man in a car!

Aegyo AND invitations!

Alice protects the Ahjusshi.  UNCLE FANS REJOICE!

Creepy car man watches Nara walk away.




Finally!  This is Yooyoung.  She’s the maknae of the group, a lead dancer, and a vocalist.  She’s also super cute! ❤

Werk dat terribly damaged hair Alice, WERK IT.




Yooyoung uses Aegyo!  It’s super effective!

AAAH!  Not only have they bleached her hair, but they teased it as well.  Poor girl.  Go get a deep conditioning treatment.

Yoo Ara is one of those really naturally pretty girls…


Time for the Venus Party!  Party outfiiiiits!

And look!  NUES’T came!

Ahjusshi looks like he’s enjoying himself…

A couple is formed!

Mission Accomplished *nods*

I find it hard to believe that Po Pos would be jammin’ to this song…

End Pose!


Watch the video:

Well that was fun!

On to the mini album!

1)  Hello-This track has a lot of rock influence to it.  It’s just over two minutes, so it serves as a good intro to the mini album.  I do believe that this track was put in to show off the range that the group has, since the title track is so cutesey.  The vocalists do a good job with what they are given, but the chorus is very monotonous to me and turns me off to the rest of the song since it comes up so much.  The highlight of this track is really Lime’s rap.  She sounds like such a badass here!  She has a rich, chocolatey voice when she raps, so it provides a good blend with the harder edged track.  Overall, this track is catchy, but it’s not something I would put on repeat.


2) Venus-This is the title track of the mini album.  The song itself is cavity inducing, but at this point in their careers, this is what the girls as a group do best.  The song may be similar to other songs on the market right now, but it is something simple that is done well.  There are other girl groups who do the same type of stuff, but their performances and/or vocals fall flat, so it’s forgettable.  Hello Venus has the right energy and vibe to pull the song off very well.  Also, it gets stuck in your head VERY EASILY.  The girls sing it very well and their voices blend well with one another.  Lime’s rap was put in well with the song, you could tell it was fit for her skills and for the song, not just stuck in there so the rapper could have their 15 seconds.


3) 설레임 (Excitement)- I never thought a track called Excitement would be a ballad.  That threw me off.  Despite that, this is a beautiful song.  It does sound like a ballad on an SNSD album, but I like those, so that doesn’t bother me much.  The girls’ voices are BEAUTIFUL on this track.  Not much else to say.  Nicely done ladies.


4) Love Appeal-I don’t get the title, but whatever.  This song is a CAR JAM.  It’s something upbeat, fun, but not so sweet that it’ll give you cavities.  The clapping bits in the chorus in it are cool, and it’s fun shouting “HEY BOY I’M NOT THAT KIND OF GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL” with the windows down.

Again, something simple done well.


This mini album was a good debut overall.  It showed the group’s range and capabilities, and it fits in nicely with the Kpop market at the moment.  I do hope that these girls do well.

Overall:  4.5/5

Order the album!


I’m using their debut stage on M Count Down.

The choreography was very polished and together, like most Kpop performances.  I was a bit worried on how they would do with singing live, since they are a rookie group, but for the most part, the actually did sing live, and it sounded really good!  Nara and Yooyoung did use back tracking, but they aren’t marketed as main vocalists so I’ll let it slide.  Yoo Ara, Alice, and Lime though, did wonderfully with their singing.




I’m floored.


Lime is AWESOME.

I’m glad that Pledis decided to not put their girls in boxes by their labels.  Yes, they do have labels like every other Kpop group, but they each got to show off their talents in their debut stage.  The only thing that would have made this better for me was if Yoonjoo got to participate.  Her profile says she’s a classically trained singer, so I wanted to hear how she handled singing onstage.  I guess I’ll have to wait until next time.

I’m very impressed with this group’s debut, and I can’t wait to see what they put out next!

Everyone, please support Hello Venus!

Also, if you made it to the end of this blog post, I SALUTE YOU.


3 Responses to “Hello Venus Debut MV, Mini Album, and Stage”

  1. Paulina Says:

    Lmao at all dem pics. DAT ASS
    Lime’s my fav too ^0^ I love Hello Venus cuz they’re all so cute, and I love all of their hair x3 And faces OwO I mean um…
    Can’t wait for their next singles ;D

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