Song for the Date Preview

Okay!  So a preview for Erina’s new single “Song for the Date” has been released!

The music itself is a lot of fun!  It has a good dance beat to it, and the song fits Erina’s vocal range well.  The instrumental almost has a trance feel to it, what with the building beats and electronic sounds.  Erina has done electronic in the past (Onegai Dakara), but it wasn’t as interesting as this song is.  This has a more complex arrangement, and her voice sounds like it has much more depth to it.

Now, this is called “Song for the Date.”  I can believe that from the song, but by looking at the video preview, whoever she’s on a date with has a pretty messed up idea of what a date is.  I mean seriously!  What the hell kind of date are you on when there’s creepy, dark, warehouses, burning posters of oneself, ripped up plastic and debris everywhere?  There are also a bunch of concrete ruins…it looks almost post apocalyptic.

The one scene in this preview that I think fits with the song is the scene with Erina on the beach, with the sunset behind her and feathers flying everywhere.  Very romantic.

So far, I love the song, but the video has me a bit confused.  If this were a darker song, I could understand the post apocalyptic set, but right now it’s not making sense.  But I won’t bitch about it too much since this is only the preview.  The storyline looks interesting anyway.

And hey!  They actually filmed on location this time!  I see this is a trend in Mano Erina videos, and it’s really great to see.  I hope we can see more things being filmed on location throughout H!P.

WAIT A MINUTE.  Are there supposed to be two of her in this PV?  In some parts she’s wearing a white dress, and in some parts she’s wearing a black dress, and they’re chasing each other.

Okay now I’m really confused.

I’mma sit here and wait for the full thing so hopefully this will all tie together well…



4 Responses to “Song for the Date Preview”

  1. Recommended Reading: May 31st, 2012 | Idolminded Says:

    […] Song for the Date Preview – Genki Almost Idol Martha is confused about what kind of date is going on in the PV. Maybe it’s a post-apocalyptic body-double evil twin kinda date…? […]

  2. Paulina Says:

    Yeah I find that kind of strange. AKB did this weird PV for Mantasu no Sounds Good too, it was like half happy and half everyone-is-barfing-black-blood-ash-stuff-and-nearly-dying-with-tattered-clothes-and-stuff even though the song is just a really happy song. I was like er….yet it was awesome regardless! How do these idols do this kind of thing?!

    • genkialmostidol Says:

      It must be hard work trying to convey a double message! I guess they do it with lots of practice and training. A good director always helps too.

      I still haven’t watched Manatsu no Sounds Good. XDDD It just didn’t interest me….*blogger fail*

      • Paulina Says:

        It’s…interesting. The songs really catchy though~ But I don’t know why they decided to make everyone barf black ash blood stuff. e3e;

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