Crayon Pop–Bing Bing


So this is a new Kpop Girl Group called Crayon Pop.  I was a bit skeptical of checking them out, worried that they would sound the same as most girl groups out today.  But I was pleasantly surprised when this cool, jazzy sound hit my ears.  The girls all have pleasant voices, and are also cute.  The PV itself was very visually pleasing too.  It starts out with a clip of “When you Wish Upon a Star” with the girls posting pictures into a scrap book.  This PV is basically about the girls on vacation in Japan.  You see them eating good food, shopping, and dancing on top of a bus in Osaka.  You can see the Glico man in the background as well.  This PV is a good example of how to still have a fun, engaging PV on a low budget.  The PV ends as it starts with the clip of When You Wish Upon A Star, and this time, they close the scrapbook, as their vacation has ended.

Nothing too monumental, but it’s cute and refreshing.

I’ll do a full profile when I find out more about these girls, as they do look like a promising group.  ^–^


One Response to “Crayon Pop–Bing Bing”

  1. crayon pop Says:

    Thanks for loving crayon pop! Do you want to join our growing committee? we are crayon pop international fan community. 🙂 Shoot us an email

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