Sistar is “Loving You”

Okay, so this is basically a Sistar Alo Hello smushed into three and a half minutes (but with less bikinis)….AND I LOVE IT!  OH MY GOD THEY’RE SO CUTE! ❤  And I like the sexy dancing in the sailor suits. The scenery in Hawaii is super beautiful, and I love how they wore outfits with lots of bright colors to complement the scenery.  The vocals from Sistar are always good, since the girls have very mature, silky voices.  They brightened up a bit for this cutesey song, but they didn’t change into completely different voices, so I’m happy with the song as well.

First Impressions aside, let’s go with the Pros and Cons of the video:


*The clothes–again, SUPER CUTE.  They all were either island or nautical themed, so it fit well with the overal MV

*The activities–they are your usual touristy things that you do in Hawaii, but it does establish that this is their first time, and it makes one feel like they are taking a well deserved vacation.  Comparing it to Alo Hello again, they had all of the stuff that MM does when they’re in Hawaii.  Surfing, cooking, eating, swimming in a pool, playing in the waves, lounging on the beach…yup.  Very visually pleasing, and it looked like they were having a great time.  The roller skating element was a nice surprise.  ^–^

*The Underwater shots–SO COOL!  I always love underwater shots, they always look so dorky. XD  I kind of hope the girls took the underwater shots themselves. XDDD


*The car scene–WE KNOW SISTAR IS SEXY.  YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOVE IT IN OUR FACES IN EVERY SINGLE MV.  Seriously.  Also, it didn’t fit in with the rest of the MV.  It was gratuitous fanservice.  Also, that car looked like it was gonna break, and those girls don’t even weigh that much.  Starship Entertainment, please don’t put your idols in danger.

*Wearing clothes over their swimsuits–I know that the video might get banned by the stupid censorship board if they didn’t, but wearing a shirt over a bikini in a pool in my opinion looks stupid.  And you’re ruining that shirt with all of the chlorine in the water.  Just put ’em in cute one pieces!

*The signs.  “Help Me” and “What Should I Do” aren’t going to attract the type of people you want to ride with.  I don’t think anybody would stop for the “What Should I Do” sign, and the “Help Me” would just attract creeps.  Come on now.  And WHY do they get on a school bus?

The whole package overall is very good, and I’m glad Sistar got to film somewhere fun.

Be sure to watch, and download the song on iTunes!



One Response to “Sistar is “Loving You””

  1. MorningBerryz Says:

    REally cool shot here on the island of Oahu…and they went all over here too..seeing Waikiki to our North Shore and even a shot of China Man’s Hat~* =D. Great production and editing…very catchy!!

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