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KiraKira Moe Show

June 11, 2012


So here is a post about a local idol group from Texas.

They have a very special place in my heart because, well…


Yes!  I am the director of an idol group!


Today is our second anniversary so I decided it was a good time to tell y’all about it.  ^–^

So here’s a brief history of the group.

The KiraKira Moe Show started out in May of 2010 with five members.  Kaya (yours truly), Miyuki, Hotaru, TwoDee, and Hikaru.  We started out as a maid cafe because we thought that would be an easier way to get our foot in the door, since the maid cafe boom had started to hit the J-Fandom in the US.  Since I’m a theatre major, I’ve had some dance experience and had performed onstage before.  The other girls had not.  It was very nervewracking for them to just learn a few dances at this point in time, but watching them actually get out there and dance made me very proud.   Our first event was a 20 minute dance show at a 1 day anime convention sponsored by the Austin Public Library.  You can see TwoDee, Hotaru, and Kaya dancing Buono’s “Kokoro no Tamago” at that event below.

Our next event was Austin’s biggest anime convention, Ikkicon.  We had a full scale maid cafe this time, with food and everything.  We had also gained a few more members:  Aiko, Nami, Keiko, Natsume, Momo, and Rin.  Our member count was up to 11.

Since the original five had now done at least one stage performance, they were able to help the others to build up the courage to perform.  At the event, we were praised for being very polite and well organized, as well as being super cute!

You can see an original choreographed dance to the opening of Kaichou wa Maid-sama, “My Secret” from Ikkicon V below.

Two months later, we decided to venture where no idol has gone before:  A SCI-FI CONVENTION.  This convention is called All-Con, and it is held in Dallas Texas every march.  It has a little bit of everything, sci-fi, steampunk, comics, and just a sprinkle of anime.  No one at All-Con knew what in the hell an idol was, but we have a lot of sci fi fans in KKMS, so we decided to dive in head first.

No new members were added at this time, so we had more time together to bond and strengthen our performances.  To our surprise, the show at All-Con actually went quite well, and we were asked to return the following year.

Below you can see the All-Con 2011 team dancing to “Shinjin Meido wa Mune Mune Kyun.”  This was the first performance where I saw DRASTIC improvement in my girls.  Our timing with each other was so much better!

After All-Con, the cycle started again with our second Yomicon, and from there we gained our current Dance Captain, Mayu.  During our rehearsal process for Anime Overload III, we gained a few more members as well.  Chouko, Usagi, and our first boy, Takao!  Takao had been our webmaster since we started, but he wanted to try out hosting in the cafe.  Our female fans definitely appreciated it!

Our member count was then up to 14.

Anime Overload was a bit of a rollercoaster, since I was pulled out of the cafe for a day to judge the karaoke contest, so there is no dance footage.  But, after Anime Overload, we added even more members!  Sakura, Hazel, and Banni.  Member count was then 17.

We went through our Ikkicon with relative ease, and I started to feel that we were more cohesive as a group.  We were all working together to give the best shows, even though we were rehearsing in a cramped, dark room at my house.  After Ikkicon had passed, I decided to scout some more members.  During the spring scouting (which none of my girls knew about), I found six people.  I surprised my girls a la Tsunku via Facebook.  The new members were Ponnchi, Hina, Sachi, Mamoru, Takato, and Karasu.

Hina and Sachi participated in our First Full (1hour) dance concert at All-Con 2012, part one of which you can see below:

That made 23 members.  We now had four boys and 19 girls.

Although, with adding new members, some members must be dropped.

Miyuki announced her graduation to me in March, but I waited until a few weeks ago to announce it publicly.  She is focusing on her studies right now and is currently in France filming a documentary.  It saddened me that we couldn’t give her a proper sendoff with a graduation concert, but France was calling her.

We are now chugging along with 22 members and are getting ready for our next event!

This past Friday, we just finished our third Yomicon.  I’m still editing footage from the performance, but if you want to see a silly Vlog that Keiko and I did, please check out our YouTube Channel!

KiraKira Moe Show YouTube Channel!

This coming Friday, we will be going off to Houston to do a maid cafe and performance at Delta H Con, which is a video game convention!

I know this is a lot to swallow in one post, but I had been conflicted on whether to combine my wota and idol selves…BUT DAMMIT I DID IT.

I hope y’all will support me and the KiraKira Moe Show, and that you will get to know my girls, because they are all wonderful…and I’m sure they’re probably crazier than any other idols you’ve seen. XDDD

Keiko and I have decided that we’re the derpiest idols on the planet.

But that’s okay!  It makes us more down to earth, right?

ANYWAY, you can also find us on Facebook, Tumblr, and Deviantart.

Come be a Starshine, we have cookies! 8D (And cake and tea and omurice, etc.)

I’ll be profiling my girls on here one by one and I’ll get them all done eventually. XDDD

BUT I will still keep posting about other J and Kpop idols, since that’s what the main purpose of this blog is.

Also, if anyone would like to join me, I’ll be holding a special live tonight at 7pm CST on my BlogTV account celebrating our 2nd anniversary!  I’ll be talking about my thoughts on the AKB senbatsu, Delta H Con, The Tony Awards, and I’ll be singing some songs too!

Come see meeeeeee! ❤

Love y’all, and keep on wota-ing! ❤


I’ll have to do a special picspam tomorrow to celebrate! 8D


Song for the Date Preview

May 31, 2012

Okay!  So a preview for Erina’s new single “Song for the Date” has been released!

The music itself is a lot of fun!  It has a good dance beat to it, and the song fits Erina’s vocal range well.  The instrumental almost has a trance feel to it, what with the building beats and electronic sounds.  Erina has done electronic in the past (Onegai Dakara), but it wasn’t as interesting as this song is.  This has a more complex arrangement, and her voice sounds like it has much more depth to it.

Now, this is called “Song for the Date.”  I can believe that from the song, but by looking at the video preview, whoever she’s on a date with has a pretty messed up idea of what a date is.  I mean seriously!  What the hell kind of date are you on when there’s creepy, dark, warehouses, burning posters of oneself, ripped up plastic and debris everywhere?  There are also a bunch of concrete ruins…it looks almost post apocalyptic.

The one scene in this preview that I think fits with the song is the scene with Erina on the beach, with the sunset behind her and feathers flying everywhere.  Very romantic.

So far, I love the song, but the video has me a bit confused.  If this were a darker song, I could understand the post apocalyptic set, but right now it’s not making sense.  But I won’t bitch about it too much since this is only the preview.  The storyline looks interesting anyway.

And hey!  They actually filmed on location this time!  I see this is a trend in Mano Erina videos, and it’s really great to see.  I hope we can see more things being filmed on location throughout H!P.

WAIT A MINUTE.  Are there supposed to be two of her in this PV?  In some parts she’s wearing a white dress, and in some parts she’s wearing a black dress, and they’re chasing each other.

Okay now I’m really confused.

I’mma sit here and wait for the full thing so hopefully this will all tie together well…


One Two Three

May 26, 2012



And I do believe everyone gets a solo, even though they may be small.

I can work with that.


I can’t make a coherent review right now I’m too busy FANGIRLING!

Y’all seriously need to watch this performance.  It’s the TOTAL PACKAGE!


Can’t wait to hear what the other A side of this single sounds like!

Well done ladies, well done.

You too Tsunku.

Photo of the Day!

May 24, 2012

Yuko and Acchan make the most adorable kitties!

Photo of the Day!

May 15, 2012

I know I posted the Airi and Chisato versions of this swimsuit, but I don’t remember if I’ve posted Nakky’s.

Either way, she looks fabulous!

Photo of the Day

March 12, 2012

A triple dose of beautiful with Yuko, Yukirin, and Kohijaru!

Photo of the Day!

March 11, 2012

Have some Kamei! ❤

She’s so beautiful, isn’t she?

Only 1 more week of Bikini Photos!

If y’all have any requests, let me know!

Photo of the Day

March 8, 2012

IT’S NAKKY TIME!  And she’s looking wonderful as always!


March 7, 2012


The lovely leader of AK48!!!

Hey there AKB fans.  ^–^

I really enjoy Takamina’s personality.  Watching her on AKBingo is super fun!  I also like the fact that she’s not known for being super sexy, or cute, or dumb…she’s known for being TAKAMINA.  She’s reliable, she’s funny, she’s a kind person.  Love her.

I hope y’all enjoy the lovely spam! ❤

Photo of the Day

March 2, 2012

Yukirin is so stunning.


Her photoshoots are the best!

I’m so excited for her new PB! 8D

Anyway, update of the picspam contenders! Takamina is still in first place with 4 votes, Aichan and Yuko are in second place with 3 votes each. Sayu, Gaki, Eripon, Chisato, Captain, and Yukirin are in third place with two votes each. Reina, Maimi, Nakky, Miya, Momo, Acchan, Mayuyu, and Sasshi are in fourth place with one vote each.  Bringing up the rear are Risako, Maasa, Yuukarin, Takechan, Kanyon, Mariko-sama, Wasamin, and Tomochin with no votes.


I’m excited for the results! ^–^