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Song for the Date Preview

May 31, 2012

Okay!  So a preview for Erina’s new single “Song for the Date” has been released!

The music itself is a lot of fun!  It has a good dance beat to it, and the song fits Erina’s vocal range well.  The instrumental almost has a trance feel to it, what with the building beats and electronic sounds.  Erina has done electronic in the past (Onegai Dakara), but it wasn’t as interesting as this song is.  This has a more complex arrangement, and her voice sounds like it has much more depth to it.

Now, this is called “Song for the Date.”  I can believe that from the song, but by looking at the video preview, whoever she’s on a date with has a pretty messed up idea of what a date is.  I mean seriously!  What the hell kind of date are you on when there’s creepy, dark, warehouses, burning posters of oneself, ripped up plastic and debris everywhere?  There are also a bunch of concrete ruins…it looks almost post apocalyptic.

The one scene in this preview that I think fits with the song is the scene with Erina on the beach, with the sunset behind her and feathers flying everywhere.  Very romantic.

So far, I love the song, but the video has me a bit confused.  If this were a darker song, I could understand the post apocalyptic set, but right now it’s not making sense.  But I won’t bitch about it too much since this is only the preview.  The storyline looks interesting anyway.

And hey!  They actually filmed on location this time!  I see this is a trend in Mano Erina videos, and it’s really great to see.  I hope we can see more things being filmed on location throughout H!P.

WAIT A MINUTE.  Are there supposed to be two of her in this PV?  In some parts she’s wearing a white dress, and in some parts she’s wearing a black dress, and they’re chasing each other.

Okay now I’m really confused.

I’mma sit here and wait for the full thing so hopefully this will all tie together well…



Afilia Saga East Mirai no Watashi wo Matteiru Preview

February 18, 2012

I like this group a lot.  ^–^  The girls all have their own distinct look, even with the matching outfits!

The song sounds promising so far, and you know it’s an ASE song even if you don’t see the video.

My question though:  Why are they dancing in a church?

That seems a bit strange.

Japan isn’t a very religious nation, so I’m curious as to what this may mean.

I’ll have to sit and wait patiently for some translations of this song.

Maybe the full PV will clear things up.

U-Kiss Forbidden Love

February 14, 2012

Okay, so I was all excited for U-Kiss’s new Japanese Single Forbidden Love, only to find out that it’s Tick Tack Part 2.

It’s still a good song, but THEY USE THE SAME SYNTH AND EVERYTHING.

Each member sings the same part they did in Tick Tack, AND THEY ALL DID THE SAME EFFING FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND HAND MOVES.

Seriously, Avex Trax.  WTF?

I am disappoint.

They all look really good though.

And there was more Hoon and Dongho in this PV.  Good for them!  They needed a bit more spotlight.

But I’m still disappointed.  😦

Hopefully their next Japanese single (if there is one) will not be Tick Tack part 3.

Shining Butterfly

February 8, 2012



I just watched the Music Video


and Over


I don’t know why I was such a bitch about them releasing a single.

Now I’m sad they won’t be releasing any other singles.  T____T


No matter how old you are, you can always be a flawless idol.

In my belief anyway.

More on this later.

I have lots of homework and voice lessons and props to work on for the opera!


Pinku Project!

February 5, 2012

Hey everyone!

So I posted a Pinku Project member for my photo of the day yesterday, so I want to do a nice post talking about the project!

First off, here is their YouTube channel!

Pinku Project started out in 2007 in Toronto, Canada.  The first two members of Pinku Project were Peach Pinku (Leader) and Baby Pinku.  Pinku Project members would upload dance covers of popular Jpop songs onto their YouTube channel, and that’s how they gained their main fanbase.  The second generation of Pinku Project consisted of Candy Pinku and Cherry Pinku.  All four members performed their first mini concert at Anime North 2011 with some success.  After the concert, it was announced that the 2nd Generation members would be graduating in order to focus on their studies.  Peach and Baby then released dance covers under the unit name “Sugary Fairy.”  After performing as a unit for a while, 3rd Generation members Berry Pinku (Sub-Leader) and Cotton Pinku joined Pinku Project.  All four members continued to release dance and song covers on YouTube, and this past January, they all performed at G-Anime in Gatineu.  This concert was an hour long and was called “Doki Doki Ottawa First Date Concert @ G-anime 2012!”  Highlights from the concert can be found on their youtube channel.

Okay, so I watched the DokiDoki Ottawa First Date Concert 3 times.  COUNT ‘EM-THREE.

These girls make me so happy!  I love being able to watch them grow with every video release and vlog.  ❤  They are great at dancing, and their formations are always so clean!  They may not be the best singers, (most idols aren’t anyway), but I can tell that these girls always put 100% into what they do and it’s so endearing!

I think another reason as to why I connected with them so quickly may be because their vlogs and announcements are all in English.  I’m usually one to say that language is not a barrier for idols (if it were, I wouldn’t be such a big fan), but I think speaking their language and being able to watch videos without subtitles gives me an even larger love for the girls as idols.

Which means A:  Pinku Project are my queens! ❤

And B:  I really need to keep on studying Japanese so I can eventually feel that same love for all of my other idol queens! (And Kings.  I haven’t forgotten you boys).

So here’s what I love about each girl in Pinku Project!

This is Baby Pinku!

She is the Lovely Character of Pinku Project. She’s my favorite! x3  For some reason my eye is always drawn to her. Her lovely character is too irresistible!

She always shines onstage, and has a super cute singing voice!  She has great fashion sense too.  I love seeing her in street wear or lolita!  She also does nail and make up tips on her blog.  She hasn’t updated in a while though. T__T

Also, you should see her wig collection!!!  It’s enough to make any girl jealous!

…..aaaaaaand she’s also really pretty! <333

This is Cotton Pinku.  She’s the Little Kitty Character of Pinku Project.

She’s so FREAKING ADORABLE.  <333  Like Sayumin, she’s not vocally gifted, but she dances so cutely and has lots of energy!  Watch her solo cover of “First Kiss” and you’ll see what I mean!

This is Berry Pinku!  She’s the Calming and Healing Character of Pinku Project.

She reminds me of a young Gaki-san.  ^–^  You can always tell she is working hard when she’s performing, but also that she’s having fun!  This girl is non stop smiles and I love it!

This is Peach Pinku.  She’s the Happy Character of Pinku Project.  Love and Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeach!  XD  I love her catchphrase.  She’s the leader of Pinku Project and she does it so well!  Whenever making important announcements, she’s always cool and put together.  Also, she’s an open idol fan and it makes me so happy!  I love idols who are idol fans. XDDD  SHE CAN WOTAGEI!  Also, she has this “it” factor onstage.  Whenever she steps up to dance, all eyes are on her!  She OWNS the stage!

To top off all of the idol awesomeness, Peach and Baby are designers of their own Fashion Line, Pinkly Ever After!

I’ve seen YouTube stars like Yukapon and Keekihime wearing it!

It’s a line full of bright and pastel colors, poofy skirts and sparkly stuff!

If you love lolita or kawaii fashion, it’ll be right up your alley!

OH!  One more thing!

THEY’RE RELEASING AN ORIGINAL SINGLE! It’ll be released in Canada, Japan, and Korea in May!  They’re trying to get it released on iTunes for fans in other countries as well.  ^–^  I can’t wait to hear it!

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Pinku Project, and I hope you’ll support the girls by subscribing to their youtube channel and facebook and all that good stuff.

Berryz 8th Album Outfits

January 25, 2012

Okay…so these are the Album outfits for Berryz.

These things are fucking ugly.  They have no shape whatsoever.  And they paired them with SOCKS AND LOAFER HEELS.


That makes the outfit even uglier.

The first thing I thought of were artists’ smocks, but Ran over at Chuu! Sugoi! Idol mentioned choir outfits, and I can totally see that too.

I do enjoy Miya’s ginormus bow though.  And all of the girls have their wonderful smiles on (except Risako who’s working her trademark pout).

I’m just glad they didn’t put these outfits on any other H!P group, since it would look worse on any of the others. XDDD

I think Berryz is the only group who can kind of make it work because….well, because it’s Berryz!  They’re goofy!

If they have a special song to go with these outfits, maybe I’ll let up on them a little bit.

But until then, these things need to go in the trash.

I hope the songs on the album sound better than these outfits look!


I have NEVER liked that hairstyle on her.  The short cut always worked really well, or even with some volume to it, it looked good.

Just please Dear God stop it with the pigtails!!!

Top 10 H!P songs of 2011

December 27, 2011

I’m joining in the New Year’s fun with my rankings, and I’m starting off with H!P

Let’s go!

Number 10: Yamete Yo Sindbad

This song is SO SILLY!  That’s why I like it so much! ^–^  The song shows the girls’ fun side really well, and shows that even though Only You is a mature song, they can still let loose and have fun (with the help of the 9th Gen).  It’s also fabulous when performed live!  I hope this one becomes a standard at concerts.

Number 9:  OK YEAH!

Now I KNOW this song will be a concert standard!  It’s so full of energy and life!!  I’m also a big fan of the Eurobeat sound, and this song has plenty of that!  It’s also a song that makes me want to get up and dance, and it’s been a while since Momusu has released that type of song.  I hope for similar songs to this in the future!

Number 8:  Uchouten Love

The last single for 4nin S/mileage was a great one!  This also has a Eurobeat feel, and the girls’ high pitched and energetic voices fit in well with the instrumentation.  One thing I really liked about this song was that even when it slowed down after the dance break, there was a bunch of energy that was bottled up and then exploded in the next chorus!!  This song is so fun, and it’s pretty much a mandatory favorite for any S/mileage fan.

Number 7:  Kiss Me Aishiteru

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sexy C-ute!!!  They pull it off so well!  When they first revealed the concept for this single, I was a bit skeptical, but as soon as the song came out it quickly shot up on my list of favorites.  What I like about the song is that it isn’t overly sexy, it’s more of a tease, and I can hear that in their voices, as well as an almost pleading, which fits in well with the lyrics of the song.  Sure, the outfits were a little weird, and the PV didn’t make much sense, but the song was executed very well.

Number 6:  Zassou no Uta

Another positive song on my list!  I love Buono!’s pop and rock feel, and this song exemplifies that.  The guitar riffs add just the right amount of toughness to match the assertive lyrics of the song.  I like that this song is assertive with believing in yourself, not giving up and doing whatever it takes.  I thought the content of the songs might change after Buono left Pony Canyon, but I’m glad to see that it didn’t.  Keep up the great work Buono!

Number 5:  Aa Yo ga Akeru

This song was INSTANT LOVE for me.  My mom even bought me the shirt for this single! XD  I think it’s the high notes in this song that really do it for me.  I’m a sucker for well done high notes and Risako and Miyabi pull them off flawlessly!  I also like the octave differences when Momoko and Yurina sing together.

Number 4:  Heroine ni Narou Ka

This is such a strong song!  I think this is probably the best release vocally for all of the Berryz members, not just the main ones.  Speaking of which, the line distribution in this song is AWESOME!  Everyone gets a chance to shine!  Yurina’s high notes were great, Miyabi’s “woah” after the break is so strong and passionate, Risako’s chorus solos were full of FIRE, and Maasa’s “MIRAI!” just topped the whole thing off!  Berryz really does have strong vocals, SO TSUNKU NEEDS TO WRITE MORE SONGS LIKE THIS TO SHOW THEM OFF.  Well done ladies, well done.

Number 3:  Only You

This song is my SHIT.  Seriously!  This is some GOOD SHIT.  Please excuse my language but that’s all I can think of when I listen to this song.  Pure BAD ASSERY from the ladies of Morning Musume.  I can’t help but sing along whenever I hear the “Itoshii no Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii he!”  Don’t tell me you don’t either.  This is the song I imagine myself performing onstage.  Cheesy, I know, but dammit it would be pretty cool!

Number 2:  Please Miniskirt Postwoman

This was another INSTANT LOVE for me.  I already loved the 2nd gen S/mileage girls, and this solidified my love.  This song has the full spirit of S/mileage and dare I say it, the full spirit of what idoldom is all about!! Songs to make you happy and joyful, and the idols working hard to do their best for the fans.  That’s what this song represents for me.  It may not be what the lyrics are about, but this group has gone through so much in a short amount of time, and this song is the fruit of their labor.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.  Not to mention that the PV is so charming and the girls are so sweet.

NUMBAH 1:  Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo!

This song makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING.  It’s been on repeat on my iPod for the longest time because it makes me feel SO GOOD.  It motivates me, makes me feel like I’m on top of the world…that’s what idol music is supposed to do.  In my opinion at least.  I think the fact that it was my favorite Momusu member’s last single also had an impact on my decision, but the main reason that this song is number one on my list is because it brings me the greatest joy.

Hello!Project had some wonderful releases this year, and my love for the project has only grown this year.  Keep making amazing songs H!P, I’ll always be here to listen.  ^–^

Doki Doki Baby!

December 15, 2011

Time to review Mano Erina’s newest PV, Doki Doki Baby!

I was excited when I first heard the song title, since I knew it meant something upbeat! 😀

The song itself is super cute, fun, energetic and happy!  I love the speaking bit included in there because it adds a bit of sincerity to the song.  The “doki doki’s” included in the song are super cute too.  Erina sounds quite good here, I always like her voice better with upbeat songs than ballads.  This song reminds me a lot of a song that an Akiba idol would put out, and I think this genre fits her well.  I hope she releases more songs like this in the future.  Her last “doki!” was super adorable!

This is a song that can put me into a good mood!


It’s interesting to see that this PV is widescreen instead of fullscreen…artsy.  This is the opening shot, and when it comes up, we can hear the rain.

 FUCK YEAH AKIHABARA!  This shot SCREAMS Akiba Idol (Himeko Sakuragawa anyone?).  Also, I looove her outfit!  It’s tooo cute!

 Instead of eggs for backup dancers, we get Geishas!  Yay Geishas!

 Look at how much she stands out in her outfit!  I also like that they chose to film on a rather gloomy day, it makes her stand out even more than she already does!

Whenever she sings “baby” in the chorus, this text pops up.  If I’m reading my katakana right, it says:  “noku beibi.”  I’m not quite sure what “noku” means…I’ll have to look it up.

 Nyan nyan pose! :3

 Aww, she’s so happy to be in Akiba.

Up onto the escalator for adventures!

Hmmm…what have we here?

“I won a teddy bear!! YAYAYAY!”

More Erina/Geisha dancing.


Erina Samurai!

Black and White for even more artsy fartsy-ness…

Oh look!  The Geishas again!

“…Have they been following me…?”

“anata to…”  One of her speaking bits in the song.  It’s super sweet.

Snack Time!

Maybe she got a text from her “doki doki baby…”


Mixing the old with the new! Geishas with technology!  This time with a cell phone,

an iPad (which she looks very happy with),

an iPod (werq it gurl),

and a camera!  Hai, CHEE-ZU!

ERINA SMOKING?!  Don’t pull an Aibon gurl, DON’T DO IT!

Oh, it’s just bubbles.

Erina has one of the prettiest smiles ever! ❤

Geisha lady looks back and gives her a smile.

And she returns the favor.  Awwww.


Last shot.  Haha. x3

This PV TOTALLY fits the theme of the song, with Erina going into different shops in Akihabara and then having the simple dance shots and energetic moves to go along with some of the chants she does.  The sparkly outfit is like the cherry on top of the sundae.

I LOVE this PV and I’m definitely picking up a copy of this single!

Way to go Erina, and nice job H!P.

Tick Tack Tick Tack…

December 10, 2011

This is a DAMN CATCHY song.

I predict lots of car jamz to this one…

I love the steady beat the song has, it goes well with the clock theme.

I’m happy that the majority of the rap in this song isn’t in English, since that happens a lot with Kpop rappers in Japan.

Some of the rap wasn’t all that great though (boku no PU RA I DO…no bro…just no).

Kevin’s English lines in this song were grammatically correct! 8D Yay!  I think I heard some incorrect stuff in the rap but it doesn’t bother me too much.  While speaking on the subject of language, U-Kiss’s Japanese is quite good!  I can understand everything clearly and it doesn’t sound too out of place.

And I didn’t hear any “Mordney Present” in this one either.  Good move.

The singing here sounds so smooth and strong!

U-Kiss is shaping up to be one of my favorite boy groups!



Opening Shot.  I like how the ‘s’s’ in “U-Kiss” are ticking along with the clock.  Very Clever.

 The boys in a dark, foggy room with a giant clock in the back.  I love their poses.  It’s similar to the room in Neverland though.  Just replace the fog with ice.

Room change!  GAH sorry for the bar at the bottom.  This was my first time taking screencaps. XD

While in this room, the boys all have pocket watches that they stare intensely at…the room is also dirty.


Awesome dance moves!!!  This dance is super cool, and totally fits with the “tick tack” theme with all of their sharp, quick movements and isolations.  U-Kiss has some of the best dances in Kpop in my opinion.

Kevin is so beautiful…

This guy has the most powerful voice in the group, but he makes a lot of derpy faces when he sings…

Another great dance move, good leg and shoulder isolations.  I love the lighting here.


This is an unfortunate haircut.  Poor guy.

Hello Beautiful.

If SHINee’s Jonghyun and MBLAQ’s G.O. had a baby, it would be this guy.

SO PRETTY.  T__________T

Outfit change!  I like these better than the gray outfits.  They remind me of the outfits from “Man Man Ha Ni.”

Another pocket watch appearance.


Bro finally got angry about his haircut…

I found this shot to be quite artsy.

Back into the dirty emo room, but this time IT’S RAINING GLITTER AAAAAHHH!

HNNGH.  I need more of this guy in my life.

Back to the ticking ‘s’s’

Overall, I thought the PV was really cool and there was nothing out of place about it.  The production value was great, the dance was strong, and the song is really enjoyable.  Another great song and video from U-Kiss!  I think it’s a good song to start off their Japanese promotions.  I hope it sells well!

I highly recommend this single to any U-Kiss fan, or just a fan of boy groups in general.  I’ll be grabbing this single off of iTunes when it comes out! (Since I’m a broke college student now, it’s hard for me to afford physical copies of J and Kpop).

I hope you like this song as much as I do!


Rania’s Pop Pop Pop video

November 23, 2011


Here’s what I like about the video:

The song is super catchy

The rap is well done


What I didn’t care for:

The yellow pants/black jackets.  Those outfits were downright fugly.

The rooms they danced in.  They looked like wacked out beehives.

What I didn’t understand:

DEM LIGHT UP CANES.  Seriously, why?



It’s like Jpop, Kpop, Bob Fosse and cheap showgirls had a baby.  It’s all over the place!!!!  And ending on your knees with a cane sticking out from behind you is NOT A PRETTY PICTURE.

All of the girls of Rania are SO TALENTED!  They deserve better videos.

I still love the song, so it will end up on my iPod somehow, but I don’t think I’ll be watching the video again anytime soon.

Please, Brave, give them better videos!!!  Dr. Feel Good was their only decent video, and it was their first one.  I want to keep supporting the girls, but with crap videos, it’s hard to do.

Anyway, that’s my review of the night….and this is also part of me putting off my album reviews for The Boys and Wonder World…

oops. xD